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DigHT 210
Writing Pseudocode--Solution to In-Class Exercise

During this class we looked at proposed pseudocode solutions to problem #1 from the Control Structures exercise. Then we went through the process of writing actual LiveCode code, interlaced with the pseudocode. Although you are not expected to understand everything yet, it is hoped that you can see how the LiveCode scripting language is constructed to make it fairly easy to read. If you don't understand everything, don't worry—we'll cover all this in depth in the coming weeks.

Here is a screenshot of what we did in class. Lines preceded by "--" are pseudocode. The other lines are the corresponding actual LiveCode commands.

solution to pseudocode ex 1

Here's a trick. If you're on the internet and have access to a copy of LiveCode (in our labs, eg.,) you can open this stack by opening LiveCode and clicking on the Message Box icon in the toolbar, then typing this line in to it, followed by the Enter key:

  go to stack url ""

The stack should open on your screen.

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